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THCO is one of the newest chemical compounds in the cannabis market. This unique semi-synthetic cannabinoid offers properties that even the most experienced canna-connoisseur has yet to try.

What Does THC-O Do?

THCO acetate is one of the strong cannabis products available today. This semi-synthetic cannabinoid works within the body to provide potent psychoactive effects. Research has found that THCO is around three times stronger than traditional delta 9 THC — making the compound borderline psychedelic for some consumers. The way that THC-O acts in the body will be different for every consumer. You can find THCO products in various forms, helping you have the experience you want most. THCO edibles are available for those who want long-lasting effects of the cannabinoid; while others can turn to THCO vapes for an immediate high that fades somewhat quickly. It simply depends. Many experienced consumers enjoy turning to THC-O because it brings a dose of potency that isn’t nearly impossible to get otherwise. Because THCO acetate is still so new to the cannabis industry, the actual effects it has on the body are still unknown and are being looked into today.

How is THC-O Made?

When chemists discovered THC-O back in the 40s, they crafted the cannabinoid differently than we do today. Back then, THC-O was crafted through the process of hydrogenation. Essentially, chemists would take THC cannabinoids and combine them with hydrogen molecules — similar to what we do today to make things like olive oil. Through this process, the chemists created THC acetate: a semi-synthetic cannabinoid that had much stronger potency than the delta 9 THC they had just discovered. Today, professionals craft THC-O by using hemp. This way, they stay under the guidelines of the 2018 Farm Bill. Essentially, extractors take hemp-derived CBD and put it through an intense chemical reaction process that transforms the CBD into the THCO cannabinoid. By adding a certain chemical acetate, the cannabinoid is able to undergo this specific transformation and come as THC-O. However, it is due to this process that the cannabinoid is considered "semi-synthetic." Although some claim that THCO may be present in trace amounts within the cannabis plant, this claim is unfounded and most people craft the cannabinoid through the process we described above.

Our Best THC-O Products to Buy Online

Concentrated Concepts offers a variety of high-quality THCO products for sale, including flower and pre-rolls. Our potent, THCO-packed flower come in two different strains: Champagne Kush and Orange soda. The Champagne Kush is a wonderful indica option that’s perfect for enjoying at the end of a long da.. On the flip side, the Orange Soda flower is sativa-dominant, making them ideal for stimulating creativity and energy. After a puff of our Orange Soda flower, you’ll likely find yourself ready for a hike or even to just clean your house with a smile on your face. Our premium THCO-infused flower comes in either a one-gram or 3.5-gram bag, both at an incredibly affordable price. The buds themselves are CBG flower, and our in-house experts have infused various amounts of THCO into them to create a full-bodied, unique cannabis experience that you won’t get from any other product. Along with flower, you can also purchase premium THCO-infused one-gram joints. These are CBD pre-rolls that we’ve infused with THCO to give you a perfect blend of psychoactivity and therapeutic support. Together, you’ll find these pre-rolls to be incredibly potent yet easy to consume. You can purchase either Champagne Kush or Orange Soda pre-rolls depending on the effects you wish to experience.

Concentrated Concepts THCO flower is some of the best THCO for sale on the market today. Not only will the buds get you to a new level of high, but they taste and smell like your favorite cannabis flowers, too. Simply put, the quality of this THCO-infused flower will remind you of top-shelf strains at your local dispensary. Don't forget that Concentrated Con also sells THCO in bulk. Stocking up on acetate is a great way to grow your THCO acetate collection and impress your own customers.

Why ConcentrateCon is the Best Place to Buy THC-O Products

Here at Concentrated Concepts, we offer some of the best THCO for sale on the market. Our high-quality THC-O gummies and pre-rolls give you the perfect introduction to the world of THCO acetate and all it has to offer. Concentrated Concepts goes the extra mile to ensure that all of our products are top-shelf, pure, and exceed our quality-control standards. We understand that the idea of THCO is still new to many consumers; thus, it is important that everyone feels comfortable when purchasing. It is always possible to scan the QR code on our product’s packaging to learn more about our ingredients, and purity, and look at our COAs. When you buy THCO online, you have to be careful about where you’re purchasing your products from. Some brands will cut corners to produce products, creating a low-quality option that’s not great for your wellness. That’s why Concentrated Concepts strives to stand out from the rest. Every one of our THC-O products is as safe as the next, and we never include anything that we wouldn’t consume ourselves.

With Concentrated Concepts, you can buy THCO online and have it shipped to your door in a matter of days. It doesn’t matter where in the US you’re located; we typically ship out our orders within 1-2 business days. This way, there’s barely any waiting involved. All in all, there’s no better place to purchase your top-shelf THCO products than from Concentrated Concepts. From our purity to prices and even THCO bulk options, ConcentratedCon hails above the rest.


What is the legal status of THC-O?
Right now, THC-O falls in a bit of a gray area within the US’ legal standards. The United States has legalized hemp production and hemp-derived products as long as they do not contain more than 0.3 % delta 9 THC. According to that standard, THCO hemp products that do not contain 0.3% D9 are technically legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. Thus, we can legally sell and produce them to the states across the country. Unfortunately, we’ve seen this with delta 8 THC, too. At first, the cannabinoid was deemed federally legal as long as it followed the Farm Bill’s guidelines. However, as time progressed, certain states have taken it upon themselves to craft legislation banning or strictly regulating D8. Now, the cannabinoid is illegal in various states. For now, this is not the case with THC-O; but, it’s still important to stay up-to-date on THCO’s legal status over time.
Is THCo stronger than delta 9?
Yes, THC-O is stronger than delta 9 THC. Studies show that THCO appears to be about three times stronger than D9. This makes the cannabinoid borderline hallucinogenic if you take a strong enough dose — though this isn’t recommended. Because of the potency of THCO, we highly suggest that only the most experienced consumers try out the cannabinoid. You should start with a low dose to see how the THCO acetate affects you; then, you can increase the dose from there until you get to where you want to be. However, you must be consciously aware of the strength of these products, as taking too much may result in an uncomfortable time.
What is the duration of THC-O's action?
The time it takes for THCO to kick in will depend on the product you consume. Here at Concentrated Concepts, we offer high-quality THCO-infused flower that provide results immediately. Inhalation is the quickest way to experience results from any type of cannabis product. This is because the cannabinoids are able to immediately reach the bloodstream and provide effects. If you take THC-O gummies, on the other hand, you will have to be more patient. THCO products like edibles take about an hour to two hours to start working. You don’t want to consume a second dose before your first dose has hit, so make sure you wait ample time. (We’re talking hours.)
What is the minimum age to purchase THC-O?
Because THC-O isn’t federally regulated, there isn’t technically a minimum age. For most places, like here at Concentrated Concepts, we require you to be at least 18 years old to purchase our products. However, other places may require you to be 21 to purchase — it simply depends.
How long does THC-O take to get you high?
If you smoke THC-O, the cannabinoid will get you high immediately. When you inhale cannabinoids, the effects are able to penetrate right away, so that you begin to feel the effects almost immediately. If you take an edible, tincture, or even THC-O capsule, then the effects will take a bit longer. Two to three hours may be needed for edibles to start working, and 15-30 minutes for tinctures and capsules, depending on your body type.
Do THC-O users test positive for drugs?
There is a very good chance that consumers will test positive for drugs after consuming THC-O. While these drug tests aren’t looking for THCO acetate specifically, this cannabinoid acts so similarly to other psychoactive substances that it will likely trigger a positive drug test.
Why is THC-O stronger than delta 9 THC?
It is likely that THCO is stronger than delta 9 THC because of the added acetate element. THCO isn’t a pure cannabinoid; it is semi-synthetic. However, it is likely (although not proven) that this chemical additive is what takes THCO to a whole new level, making it about three times stronger than D9.