Champagne Kush Premium THCO Infused Flower


  • Champagne Kush Strain
  • Premium infused CBG Flower
  • Infused with THCO
  • THCO is known to be stronger than Delta 8
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Indica Strain – Champagne Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid that offers a variety of attributes suited to different tastes and ailments. With a pleasant and palpable weight on the limbs coupled with a heady, thoughtful mind, this strain adapts to the consumer’s needs with dosage. On the lighter end, expect a headier trip with mood-enhancing effects that generally lead to a sense of well-being.

THCO is known to be a powerful cannabinoid with strong psychoactive effects, in some cases three times stronger than Delta-8!

What is THC-O Flower?

As cannabis science progresses, new innovations offer consumers the ability to meet their wellness needs with potent hemp-derived flowers. The newest innovation in the sphere of effective cannabinoids to hit the market is the THC-O acetate flower. This potent semi-synthetic cannabinoid offers a similar host of effects to other effective cannabinoids found in hemp, with the added effects of being more effective in smaller doses.

A derivative of  Delta-8 THC, THC-O acetate is made using an advanced process that extracts specific natural cannabinoids and plant waxes and combines them in a highly controlled environment to yield the cannabinoid acetate. The smokable flower has always been a popular choice for cannabis consumers seeking the most natural and effective way to consume hemp. Offering fast-acting results with a pleasant smell and taste, THC-O flower for sale at ConcetrateCon is a great choice for those looking for the best of both worlds: Effective cannabinoids and convenient delivery.

With THC-O acetate flower, consumers can look forward to achieving superior cannabinoid therapy with each puff. Check out the effects and most frequently asked questions regarding the best THC-O flower for sale at Concentrate Concepts. This makes THC-O an excellent choice for those who desire the effects of hemp without having to smoke large quantities of flowers, allowing users to save money without sacrificing quality or potency.

Our Best THC-O Flower Products to Buy Online

Concentrate Concepts has you covered when you want to buy THC-O flowers for sale with the most effects at the best price. We offer some of the best hemp strains infused with premium high-grade THC-O acetate made in ISO-certified labs that adhere to the best practices in product testing and safety. Some of our top sellers include CHampagne Kush and Orange Soda. It is an exotic blend of the rarest strains available, offering consumers a truly pure and potent product. The Orange Soda THC-O flower offers the effects of both the Orange Soda Sativa strain and high-quality THC-O acetate. Available for purchase in one-gram and eight increments, consumers can customize their order to meet specific dosage requirements.

Why Concentrated Concepts is the Best Place to Buy THC-O Flower

Concentrated Concepts is solely focused on offering consumers the best THC-O hemp flower and hemp-derived products available for purchase. We stringently test all of our products for the purest THC-O concentration to ensure quality and safety for all of our customers. Sourcing our hemp cannabinoids from the best growers and labs worldwide, we proudly feature some of the best THC-O flowers for sale online. Made free from pesticides, chemicals, and other harmful additives, the flower available on our website ensures consumers receive a high-quality product designed to meet all of their wellness needs.

We know that managing the conditions can be difficult, and that is why we strive to provide a top-rated and affordable product for all of our customers. That quality and affordable price guarantee extend to our premium THC O flower for sale and our other hemp-derived cannabinoid products, including vape liquids,  pre-rolls, gummies, and oils. Check out the third-party lab reports available for all of our THC O flower products online to see for yourself that Concentrate Concepts. offers quality, purity, and potency.

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Is THC-O Flower Federally Legal?

Yes. As per the 2018 Farm Bill, the growing of industrial hemp and the products derived from that hemp are federally legal for sale across all 50 United States. At Concentrated Concepts, we test each batch of products to ensure that the levels of Delta-9 THC fall within the legal limit of .3%.

Be aware that while THCO flower is federally legal for sale, some states may have their own unique laws pertaining to the sale, purchase, shipping, and consumption of THC O products. As such, it is recommended to check the legal status of THC O flower in your state before making a purchase.

Is THC-O Flower Safe?

While other companies may source their THCO acetate from less than reputable manufacturers, the THCO flower for sale at Concentrated Concepts is lab-tested to ensure its safety for human consumption. Made from organically grown industrial hemp and created using the highest standards of cannabinoid manufacturing, our THC-O flower is among the safest and most effective products for consumers to buy online.

Be aware that smoking any type of hemp or cannabis flower isn’t without health risks. Smoking is known to produce carcinogens that could irritate the respiratory tract. If you are sensitive to smoke or have pre-existing respiratory issues, it is recommended to purchase alternatives to our THC-O smokable flower, such as THC-O edibles.

What effects do we get while smoking THC-O Flower?

THC-O hemp flower offers a variety of effects. The specific feelings associated with smoking THC-O flower will vary from person to person depending on their tolerance, frequency of use, the amount consumed, and other bio-specific factors.

Generally, consumers who smoke THC-O flower can expect effects that leave them feeling happy, carefree, and uplifted. However, some users report feeling more introspective with THC-O flower while others enjoy the strain’s ability to help them feel focused on what they are doing at that moment.

Many users report reduced pain, nausea, and anxiety when smoking premium THC-O flower. IN some cases, the use of THC-O flower may also stimulate appetite, which is perfect for those with digestive issues currently impeding their ability to eat food.

THC-O acetate has been shown to be far more potent than other THC variants, including Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC. As such, it is highly recommended to start small amounts of THC-O flower and increase consumption based on the mental and physical effects it creates in your body. Once you understand how THCO will affect your overall well being, you can adjust dosages as necessary to meet various medical or recreational needs.

How to use THC-O Flower?

THC-O flower from ConcetrateCon comes in two forms: whole flower infusions and pre-rolls.

The whole flower THC-O infusions will require users to grind up small amounts of THC-O flower to put into hand and water pipes or to roll their own joints.

Pre-rolls offer consumers without the ability to roll joints on their own or without smoking devices the convenience of having the flower already rolled up for easy consumption.

Is THC-O Flower Synthetic?

THC-O acetate is a semi-synthetic cannabinoid sourced from hemp plants. It is called semi-synthetic because its base chemical structure is an analog of naturally occurring cannabinoids abundantly found in hemp plants.

It is made by extracting Delta-8 THC from naturally occurring CBD. Once the Delta-8 has been extracted, it undergoes a chemical process that combines THC esters with acetate anhydride to alter the molecular structure of Delta-8 THC and produce the final formula of THC-O acetate.

At Concentrated Concepts, our THC-O flower infusions are sourced from manufacturers that adhere to the highest standards of the process used to make THC-O acetate. This means that THC-O acetate is derived from hemp plants that have been certified organic, free of pesticides, and crafted to create the safest possible form of THC-O for flower infusions.

How long does THC-O Flower take to kick in?

The time it takes to experience the effects of THC-O flower will vary from person to person. However, smokable products often kick in faster than other hemp cannabinoid products, such as oil tinctures or edibles.

In most cases, users report feeling the effects within 20 minutes after their first puff. However, this can vary depending on the amount smoked and the individual’s bio-specific factors. The duration of THC-O flower effects typically lasts between 1 and 4 hours.

What is the taste of THC-O Flower?

The taste of THC-O flower will largely depend on the type of strain infused with THC-O acetate.

For example, the Indica Champagne Kush THC-O flower infusion for sale at Concentrate Concepts offers users a natural, earthy flavor enhanced by the THC-O acetate but with sweet caramel hints specific to the terpene profile of the Indica strain.

The Sativa Orange Soda THC-O flower infusion from our THC-O flower line-up offers users a similar earthy taste but with hints of light citrus flavor common to this particular Sativa strain.

Does THC-O Flower have high potency?

By all accounts from users and reports from US government studies dating back to the 1950s, THC-O is an incredibly potent cannabinoid. Some research would suggest that it is up to three times more powerful in its effects than THC in Delta-8 and Delta-9 forms.

This means that users may experience similar effects from smoking THCO-infused flower with less consumption. Furthermore, THC-O is more bioavailable, making it easier for users to experience the effects of THC-O flower in its natural form with fewer side effects.

Be aware that while considered to be a higher potency than other THC variants, the effects of THC-O flower may vary from one person to another.

Do I have a chance of failing a drug test if I take THC-O flower?

Because of the cannabinoid derivatives used to make THC-O acetate, it is possible that the metabolic by-products in the final product can trigger a positive result when it comes to drug screening. This is because the metabolites in THC-O acetate are natural components of cannabis plants and, therefore, interact with the same receptors as other cannabinoids such as THC.

Hemp-derived cannabinoid products made and sold in the USA are mandated to contain trace amounts of Delta-9 THC (under .3%). However, the trace amounts may be picked up in a drug screening should the user be a frequent smoker, ingest copious quantities of THC-O acetate, or have a slower metabolism that doesn’t flush cannabinoid compounds from the body quickly.

To ensure that you will not fail a drug test, it’s recommended to consult your employer about their policies regarding THC-O and other hemp-derived cannabinoids. Additionally, users might consider taking detox supplements formulated with activated charcoal to help flush their system quickly of any cannabinoid compounds that may trigger a positive result in a drug test.

Can THC-O Flower be mixed with other cannabinoids?

Some users report that they smoke THC-O flower to meet a particular set of health and wellness needs while using other cannabinoids to meet additional health and wellness needs. For example, some users may take THC-O flower to treat chronic pain while vaping CBD oil for inflammation or other health issues.

While there have been no reported adverse side effects from mixing cannabinoids with THC-O, it is advised to use small doses of each cannabinoid to understand the overall total impact when combined in the body.

New users of cannabinoid compounds often experience minor side effects when taking products such as upset stomach or dry mouth, and mixing a variety of cannabinoids together may exacerbate those symptoms for the first few days.

THC-O flower infusions from ConcetrateCon offer users a blend of beneficial cannabinoids such as CBD, CBDa, and CBG in varying concentrations. These products have not caused any adverse effects for our customers.

Is THC-O Flower available for shipping to my state?

While legal on the federal level, some states have banned the sale or shipping of THC-O flower to residents. Typically these are states where Delta-8 products remain illegal for sale. When your state does not allow the sale or shipping of Delta-8 products or derivatives, then chances are you won’t be able to ship THC-O acetate in any form to your address. If you have specific questions about shipping to your state, please contact us directly.